Bobby Muller

Bobby Muller Headshot

On April 29, 1969, Bobby Muller was paralyzed by a shot through the chest assaulting a North Vietnamese held hill. After coming home, he worked with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War and served on the Board of Directors for the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association. He then created the Vietnam Veterans of America in 1978. This organization (along with its sister organization the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation) launched fights for proper healthcare, psychological counseling, agent orange assistance, employment assistance, and a revamped and improved G.I. Bill of Rights. They worked on reconciliation with Vietnam and a program to help victims of landmines in Cambodia, that campaign receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. Muller also ran Sports for Peace and a peace studies program in conflict resolution, a nuclear threat reduction campaign and support organizations for troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. His work has involved collaborations with musicians ranging from Emmylou Harris to Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle, Willie Nelson, and Patty Griffin.